Sur citron

Kender du det….når du bliver så provokeret af en hændelse og/eller situation, at du bare har lyst til at skrige eller slå på noget…eller allerhelst slå på den den, der satte provokationen igang? Ja ja jeg ved jo godt, at det kan man jo ikke…og jeg gør det heller ikke…men hold op hvor har jeg lyst til at tale med STORE BOGSTAVER nogle gange….og ryste på hovedet samtidigt.

Jeg har jo så lært og er pænt opdraget hjemmefra, at det må man ikke og, at man heller ikke kommer så langt med den opførsel….som hvis man liiige trækker vejret dybt og giver det lidt tid og plads…eller endnu bedre…først svarer på dette brev imorgen…måske først i overmorgen. Det er jo rigtig nok. Jeg ved det godt….og jeg ved også godt, at man også skal kigge nærmere på hvad det lige er, som gør, at man kommer helt derud…og lære et eller andet klogt om sig selv…
Men nogle gange har jeg altså bare lyst til at være som lille My i Mumintrollet…og bare være sur…sådan sur med sur mund og sur citron. Bum.

Be the change you want to see in others. But how?

I like the sentence…but there was a time when I didn’t really understand the meaning of it or the how. I get it now and I want to share a way to achieve this change..or at least to become more aware…then it’s up to you to choose 😊.

It’s about perception…about how you perceive things, people and situations.

Sometimes you just need to change your perception…you need a shift. A shift does not happen by itself though – it requires some training. It doesn’t need to be difficult though however you need a little extra awareness 😊: train yourself in noticing…seeing 5 new things in each situation for a given time. For starters it might just be to look out the window and force yourself to see new things…doesn’t have to be big or fancy….just new…and with your heart. Then you can take it to the next level and look at a person and discover new things…the same goes to situations. I find it to be a good way to help myself to adapt to the changes happening around me…both in my work life and my private life….and over time it becomes easier to be the change I want to see…😊.

Have fun ❤ and enjoy

Happy International Womens Day ❤️

At work I was asked – together with other great women – to prepare a blog for Womens Day…I was very honored to be asked and that also gave me the idea to share with a broader group of fantastic people in my life ❤️ you guys 😊 so this is what I shared:

Pia Strehmel
Audit Manager, Scandinavia

My life has been filled with movements – big and small. I was born in England, moved to France and then to Denmark after my parents divorced. My father stayed in Paris and I travelled back and forth 6-8 times a year for a very long time. My mother re-married and my step-father’s job took us around even more. After a while I decided to move to Paris to get to know my father even better. Met my partner and we moved to Sweden. Many years later we split up – but as close friends – and I moved back to Denmark, this time with my two boys.

So, I’m a woman with a broad international background but Danish at heart. As a child it was difficult to move around so much – I count 27 different places. It was hard to fit in and I was often subject to evil tongues as I travelled a lot which in many people ́s eyes may seem luxurious but as a kid you just want to fit in and “be normal”. But I never felt sorry for myself, I always knew how to take out the positives in a not so positive situation and build strength out of that and the fact that I have experienced many different cultures and been in various difficult situations that has helped me shape my life-story and developed my life-philosophy. To the story is also the constant encouragement from my mother who stood by me and guided me forward.

I am now married again and with my husband ́s 2 children our house is filled with a lot of energy. My family is my harbor, my home is my castle and I put my children/family first in my life, but I am at the same time a strong believer that it is possible to have an interesting and strong career together with other interests at the same time. I am convinced that because I have a big family I know how to keep calm in various situations leveraging all the different daily tasks at work and at home. I do not always succeed of course but hey, that’s life right? We learn all day – every day.

I want to encourage other women – coach them – the reason being that a women/a mother is almost always THE anchor of a family and the number one influencer on children. Therefore, I want to use my experience to dress women for success and teach them to embrace all sides of themselves, facing their challenges and grow as an individual and help turn things around. See the gift in all situations. I have a personal blog (on the social media) where I share bits of my life story to help inspire others and I coach women (and kids) in my spare time.

To keep my energy level I have realized how important it is that I take care of myself both physically, mentally and spiritually….and this is part of my message to my fellow colleagues – men and women:

– always be true to yourself;
– listen to your heart – it will guide you;
– be authentic in all situations;
– keep your integrity intact; and
– don ́t be afraid to show vulnerabilities.

So what do I do? Well, I reload my battery through daily meditations (just 5 min can help you a long way), long walks in the woods/in the city if there are no woods around, painting acrylics, keeping a healthy diet, working out at the gym, blogging and keep noticing the love all around me. Love comes in different colors and levels. I am grateful for my life and I am the strong believer that “what comes around goes around”.

An important lesson that life has taught me is that with a positive mindset, love in your heart and putting the ego at side, a happy fulfilling life is at your reach. It is possible to have peace in the heart and at the same time be a busy bee ☺. Life is what you make it to be☺.

February 2018

So February is almost over….and I am back in my beloved woods here in Denmark after 3 absolutely wonderful weeks in Canada working. When walking in the woods listening to the different birds singing in the sun, breathing in the clean and cool air, I send grateful energy into the universe because I am so thankful for have been given that canadien opportunity. I learned so much and was filled with so much positive energy. Walking in these woods I also send a lot of thanks for my life in all. What a great life I have ❤ and how wonderful it was to regain it…there is so much love around me ❤ Life is beautiful ❤ thank you, thank you, thank you….

Advantages with being jet-lagged

It can be really hard to travel…especially when your time-zone changes drastically and it can literally takes days to adapt. You end up waking up at 3 am and trying to sleep some more turning around like you are a barbecue chicken 😜😬 Well I found that this can be turned into an advantage…you get up early and go down to the gym and you have yourself a great workout 💪🏻 my new best friend is the treadmill 😎




Travel with work

Travel with your work

So, sometimes you need to travel with your work…and yes, that can be hard and sometimes lonely. On the other hand, you don’t need to do the dishes or come up with an idea for dinner…and you get to bond with your colleagues, develop friendships and explore the surroundings. What’s not to like…you’ll soon come home again to your known routines 🌹👍😎so my advice (also to myself 😜): embrase and take the positives with you 🙏🏻❤️

So this is January

So this is January…

The title “Fifty Shades of Grey” is great. I have not seen the movie or read the book…..and I don’t need to…I can just take a look outside and go for a walk in my beloved forest and see the different shades of grey…or brown…😜….and although nature is always very beautiful….I really do miss the sun.
Anyway, I still see the beauty in the world. I focus my energy towards what is positive and find the fun in situations, smile at the world and find it smiling back at me….despite the grey 😊so conclusion is: January is good ❤️


You know the situation where you have some really good and exiting news you want to share with a loved one, a good friend or other? Yes – right 😊 and then, when you tell the news it is just not received in the “right way”…the “right way” being the way that you have anticipated it 😊 and maybe needed it to be received. It ends up making you sad and questionable and maybe insecure. What just happened? Why is he/she not as excited as I am…what is wrong? Was it something I said? Or how I said it? A million questions rushes through your head and your feelings are more or less in a mess… 😊

So What to do? Personally, I judge myself pretty hard and my imagination runs off with me. I sometimes let my ego run around with me…and start to invent stupid stories…

But this is the time when I (you) should take a moment and start the moment with a deep breath. Breathe in and breathe out. Focus on the beauty around you, within you. Work with shifting your mindset…and let it go. If you need to, breathe in and out several times.

Your expectations were not meet – yes, that is true – but this does not mean that the other person is not as happy about the news as you are. The person in front of you just chose – unconsciously (for various reasons) to react differently…differently from what you needed and had in mind. That´s all. Nothing more, nothing less. Try to not put more judgement to it than that.

Easy to say and soooo hard to do, yes, but tell your beautiful ego that:

It´s ok – it´s all good ❤️



Most kids do it all the time…being out of their comfort zone. So why did we as adults stop this? Is it our ego that took over?

Anyway….Make the fact that you are out of your comfort zone your comfort zone…this will reflect on your thought and feelings and ultimately your mind-set…and your decisions and actions without the fear will be more and more with a trusting heart ❤️

I try to practice this as much as possible…do not always succeed but I like what it does to me…I like loosing the fear 😊 its hard work but its worth it.

Good luck out there ❤️ may you loose the fear 😊





One little word with sooo much power and meening! Lets look at it – together 😊

We use it on a daily basis through our actions and our words. Sometimes I wonder if we (including myself) really understand what this single one little word means? What’s behind these letters?

For me, it depends on the context of the situation. I see it can be used in various levels and meanings….sometimes outspoken meanings but mostly the non-verbal underlying tone….on an energy level…the vibes…the frequency. That will define my level of trust.

Do we trust our spouses, family, friends and co-workers and managers? I think we do – I think we on an overall level do…but to a certain point…to the point where our own vanity says stop. Stops us, when the ego (where vanity lives and thrives) does not dare to let us to go further…its affraid of showing vulnerability…loose face as we say 😊.

Do I myself trust? Yes – Yes I do…I do trust the people around me. But that does not mean that I need to tell everybody everything. Because what’s the purpose of that? Really? What am I trying to achieve? Please my ego…again 😊? Think about it…why is it you feel the need to tell somebody something? Contemplate on that one for a while…and remember that the ego does need to be pleased once in a while as well…we cannot be Mother Teresa all of us ❤️ but what is your message and what is the outcome you expect?

For every time our trust is betrayed (or think it’s betrayed) we feel that a piece of us must be protected…at least that is what our ego would like us to believe 😊. But in reality we should ask ourselves if it is neccesary to protect (as we call it). What are we protecting?

I know on a personal note that I trust my heart ❤️ my heart never ever lies to me and I can always trust the messages it’s sending me….the triky part is to stop – literally stop…and listen and here I mean really LISTEN….and to really honestly trust…the heart…and the energy its picking up…the vibes. The vibes I receive and read I trust…entirely. At times it can be difficult to distinguish though…if it’s the heart talking or the ego 😊 we all fall into that one 😊 it’s part of being human. But we can immediately feel it…the heart is sending a message. So listen to it…trust yourself and correct your words or action and learn from it.

Because energy never lies❣️It does, however, require that I am true to myself and my beliefs…and stay that way…regardless of the situation.

It requires taking an honest responsibility for your own personal energy that you bring to ‘the table’. Honestly…what you give is what you get…eventually.

My last message tonight is that remember that trust comes with great responsibility ❤️

Good night all – sleep tight