You know the situation where you have some really good and exiting news you want to share with a loved one, a good friend or other? Yes – right 😊 and then, when you tell the news it is just not received in the “right way”…the “right way” being the way that you have anticipated it 😊 and maybe needed it to be received. It ends up making you sad and questionable and maybe insecure. What just happened? Why is he/she not as excited as I am…what is wrong? Was it something I said? Or how I said it? A million questions rushes through your head and your feelings are more or less in a mess… 😊

So What to do? Personally, I judge myself pretty hard and my imagination runs off with me. I sometimes let my ego run around with me…and start to invent stupid stories…

But this is the time when I (you) should take a moment and start the moment with a deep breath. Breathe in and breathe out. Focus on the beauty around you, within you. Work with shifting your mindset…and let it go. If you need to, breathe in and out several times.

Your expectations were not meet – yes, that is true – but this does not mean that the other person is not as happy about the news as you are. The person in front of you just chose – unconsciously (for various reasons) to react differently…differently from what you needed and had in mind. That´s all. Nothing more, nothing less. Try to not put more judgement to it than that.

Easy to say and soooo hard to do, yes, but tell your beautiful ego that:

It´s ok – it´s all good ❤️



Most kids do it all the time…being out of their comfort zone. So why did we as adults stop this? Is it our ego that took over?

Anyway….Make the fact that you are out of your comfort zone your comfort zone…this will reflect on your thought and feelings and ultimately your mind-set…and your decisions and actions without the fear will be more and more with a trusting heart ❤️

I try to practice this as much as possible…do not always succeed but I like what it does to me…I like loosing the fear 😊 its hard work but its worth it.

Good luck out there ❤️ may you loose the fear 😊





One little word with sooo much power and meening! Lets look at it – together 😊

We use it on a daily basis through our actions and our words. Sometimes I wonder if we (including myself) really understand what this single one little word means? What’s behind these letters?

For me, it depends on the context of the situation. I see it can be used in various levels and meanings….sometimes outspoken meanings but mostly the non-verbal underlying tone….on an energy level…the vibes…the frequency. That will define my level of trust.

Do we trust our spouses, family, friends and co-workers and managers? I think we do – I think we on an overall level do…but to a certain point…to the point where our own vanity says stop. Stops us, when the ego (where vanity lives and thrives) does not dare to let us to go further…its affraid of showing vulnerability…loose face as we say 😊.

Do I myself trust? Yes – Yes I do…I do trust the people around me. But that does not mean that I need to tell everybody everything. Because what’s the purpose of that? Really? What am I trying to achieve? Please my ego…again 😊? Think about it…why is it you feel the need to tell somebody something? Contemplate on that one for a while…and remember that the ego does need to be pleased once in a while as well…we cannot be Mother Teresa all of us ❤️ but what is your message and what is the outcome you expect?

For every time our trust is betrayed (or think it’s betrayed) we feel that a piece of us must be protected…at least that is what our ego would like us to believe 😊. But in reality we should ask ourselves if it is neccesary to protect (as we call it). What are we protecting?

I know on a personal note that I trust my heart ❤️ my heart never ever lies to me and I can always trust the messages it’s sending me….the triky part is to stop – literally stop…and listen and here I mean really LISTEN….and to really honestly trust…the heart…and the energy its picking up…the vibes. The vibes I receive and read I trust…entirely. At times it can be difficult to distinguish though…if it’s the heart talking or the ego 😊 we all fall into that one 😊 it’s part of being human. But we can immediately feel it…the heart is sending a message. So listen to it…trust yourself and correct your words or action and learn from it.

Because energy never lies❣️It does, however, require that I am true to myself and my beliefs…and stay that way…regardless of the situation.

It requires taking an honest responsibility for your own personal energy that you bring to ‘the table’. Honestly…what you give is what you get…eventually.

My last message tonight is that remember that trust comes with great responsibility ❤️

Good night all – sleep tight

Communication – in many different ways

There are people who speaks many different languages. Many countries introduce a second and third language already in the early years of school. That is great 😊. But I have discovered that there are other ways to communicate without speaking the same language….football is one way… When on camping vacation in Croatia this summer many different nationalities came together to play football in the afternoon and although the men and boys could not speak each other’s languages…football was the common ground…the common language. Men and boys were smiling and the rulles were the same regardless of the nationality. This is great! Sport is really pulling people closer together.

However, I also discovered another area where sports is not involved but has the same strength….and that is cooking…food…this is also great. Our neighbors in the camp and us could communicate in english…a little bit…but when it came to food the women and I understood each other perfectly. We shared our recipes. It began with us sharing the bread that we baked every morning in the grill…and received cheesecake from one neighbor and wine from another…and so it went around and the good energy was passed around and between us 😊….laughter and smiles were shared.

It doesn’t need to be more complicated 👍

Kind Regards

Pia ❤️


Energier kommer og går

Mennesker kommer og går ind og ud af vores liv…nogle bliver længere end andre.

Personligt ‘mistede’ jeg en meget nær veninde – min hvad jeg mente – bedste veninde – for snart tre år siden. Vi havde ellers hængt sammen – også over landegrænser – i mange år…20 tror jeg. Det gjorde ondt må jeg indrømme…rigtig ondt…men det var hendes valg og det må jeg respektere.

Når jeg kigger tilbage på vores dejlige venskab fyldes jeg af mange gode følelser…og jeg savner det vi havde…for vi havde det sgu sjovt….Good times and bad times 😊…
Jeg har ikke helt forstået hvad der gik galt…sådan rigtigt…men hun efterlod et stort hul i mit hjerte 😢. Nuvel…jeg vælger at fokusere på alt det gode vi har gjort hinanden og for hinanden ❤️ og sige tusinde tak for det dejlige venskab…og håber du har det godt❣️

Noget andet er det med andre hvor jeg oplever mere eller mindre kun kommer ind i min sfære og laver rav eller kaos eller andet der ikke genererer så positive følelser….og så er det ikke nær så svært at sige farvel…men stadig tak…tak for den lærdom jeg fik…om ikke andet så kan jeg tænke, at ’sådan vil jeg IKKE være’ 😊

Mit budskab er, at energier kommer og går og vi vælger selv hvordan den skal ramme os…eller dvs hvordan vi vil forholde os til den….❤️ i min optik er der ikke noget der ikke er så skidt så det ikke er godt for noget….vi lærer hele tiden…i det sidste exempel vælger jeg at lære samt sende tilgivelse….for det må immervæk være en trist og sorgmodig sjæl, der lige ramte min cirkel….men jeg behøver jo ikke tage ansvar for det…kun for mig selv og mine reaktioner ❤️❤️

Kærlig Hilsen


Lets meditate 🐚

Det er tid til den sidste chakra-meditation: krone-chakra

Krone-chakra’et sidder ovenpå hovedet og er repræsenteret af det hvide lys 🕊 Det er det chakra, som er direkte forbundet med det spirituelle..med universet….og nogle siger også, at Lotus-blomsten er et symbol på dette chakra.

Det at sidde i stilhed siger man er den bedste måde for at åbne op for dette energi-center. Så sæt dig til rette i stilhed og i ro og mag. Træk vejret dybt nogle gange og luk samtidigt dine øjne. Lad tanker være tanker, som kommer og går. Tænk på dem hvide farve og forestill dig, at denne energi, denne farve ligesom stråler op og ud af dig ovenpå dit hoved. Jeg ved godt det lyder lidt sjovt…men prøv det. Hvis det er svært så vend tilbage til blot farven. Tænk måske på hvide skyer, en snemand, den hvide lotusblomt…eller noget andet hvidt som du kan forholde dig til.

Sig så længe du gider og orker…husk, at lidt har også ret 🕊

Rigtig god fornøjelse



People – Humans

Coming from an international IT conference – thus quite technical at times…and when not talking directly technical then the governance of the technical ’stuff’….all three days very very interesting and educational.

My colleague and I learned at lot and we used the time between the different sessions within the different tracks to discuss and svare what we had just learned.

The very last session and also key-note speaker reminded us of an imperative factor – actually THE most important ingrediens: human beings!

We tend to forget that even though our world is almost run by and with machines and IT….people…human beings are behind it all…all ideas originates from a human being, from people…somebody has had a thought and has either alone or even better – through great team-work..perhaps used years of working….created something…a specific product, a concept, a process or a service that people (again) may benefit from.

The short of the long is to remember this. Remember that it is the energy between human beings that is the fuel that helps develop this amazing technology….and energy is THE way to communicate actually. Energy never lies…if it feels right it usually is and if it feels not right it usually is not…so even if the technology is fantastic…people are even greater ❤️

Meditations-tid…chakra nummer 6

Det tredje øje…og sidder, som navnet næsten indikerer, midt imellem vores to andre øjne sådan lidt længere op…så de tre øjne former en trekant….og er så det andet af de tre spirituelle chakra’er. Farven er lilla 💜.

Det handler om intellektet denne gang…intuitionen…og visdom. Det handler om at kunne se ‘det større billede’…og forstå dybt inde i sig selv, at der er flere sider til alt…der er en mening med alt og, at vi er alle forbundet med hinanden på en eller andet måde…energi 💜

Så sæt dig til rette eller læg dig ned…eller gå en tur. Tænk på den lilla farve 💜 og hvis du vil have hjælp til det så tænk på de skønne lavendler som også dufter vidunderligt. Jeg kan næsten dufte dem hvis jeg samtidigt fokuserer på dem…og hvis det ikke liiige er lavendler du gider, så er der masser af andre blomster som er lilla som du kan bruge i din meditation.

Gør det så længe du har lyst…og husk, at lidt har også ret 🔮

Nyd det og rigtig god fornøjelse

Namaste 💜

Chakra meditation nummer 5

Hals-chakra’et og vi er nået til den blå farve…blå som havet 🐳🌎🌊💙

Hals-chakra’et er det første af de 3 spirituelle chakra’er og lige netop det her, er det som faciliterer vore kommunikation…den verbale vel og mærke. Det er centeret for kommunikation. Det er her vi udtrykker os…udtrykker os om vore tanker, følelser og grænser. Ligeså vigtigt det er at have god flow gennem de andre chakra’er – ligeså vigtigt er det her…vi vil jo gerne være tydelige i vores kommunikation og vi vil gerne at det skal komme ‘helt af sig selv’ 😊.

Så sæt dig ned eller læg dig ned og træk vejret dybt ned i maven….bare fortsæt sådan her mens du fokuserer på den skønne flotte blå farve. Vær i integritet med dig selv og lyt til dig selv mens du sidder/ligger her. Stil dig selv et par spørgsmål såsom;
* taler jeg sandt?
* er jeg tro mod mig selv?
og mærk efter hvad du svarer og hvordan din krop reagerer når du svarer…lyt til svaret…tag det ind i din blå bobbel…deri ligger meget visdom…og forløsning 💙

Når du er klar giver du slip på farven og åbner dine øjne igen…inden du fortsætter det du ellers var igang med, så husk lige at mærke efter hvordan du har det😊og igen: husk at også 5 min giver mening.

Namaste 💙


A Lesson in Gratitude

The other day at work, I was about to send out an email to different important people…that’s the way it is – part of the job and nothing strange about that. However, each time I get a bit nervous and questions such as: is it the right people? Is the email written in a correct way and accordingly? Are there any misunderstanding?…etc etc.
After walking back and forth in the office and around my desk a couple of times, I finally pushed Enter/Send….and funnily it did not hurt….how silly is it to go around being nervous then I wonder. None the less I sometimes get these thoughts and I know there are more like me J

When I left the office later and went across the road to walk along the lake on the way to my car…I see a young man standing and leaning on the rack – with his head bending down and holding his fingers around the eyes/nose/forehead. He looked so lonely. It looked like he was carrying his whole world in two durty plastic-bags…and I could not keep myself from wondering: How did you end up here? How did you end up in that state? Do you have anyone that cares for you? Do you eat, do you have a place to sleep?

I must admit that these thought gave me a big hint of gratitude towards my own life and I felt very foolish having had the other thoughts just 30 minutes earlier. My biggest problem was an email an wondering if it was spelt correctly…and here this young man has real problems in life.

I get to take my car home…he probably does not have a home….so I just got a Lesson in Gratitude and Humility. Thank You Universe for that <3.

The only thing I should have done and that I regret not doing was to buy a cup of coffee and a sandwich from the café right beside him, and offer it to him.

I wish You all a great day

En lektie i taknemmelighed

Her forleden skulle jeg sende en vigtig mail ud til forskellige vigtige personer…det skal jeg en gang imellem…det er en del af jobbet…og hver gang kan jeg få sommerfugle i maven…er det nu de rigtige? Er det skrevet på den rigtige måde? Er der noget der kan misforståes?…etc etc. Efter at have gået omkring mit skrivebord et par gange så endelig trykkede jeg på Send! Og det gjorde jo hverken ondt eller noget…så fjollet at have været så nervøs. Ikke desto mindre så får jeg disse tanker og jeg ved der er flere med mig.

Da jeg så går fra kontoret og over til søen for at gå den vej til min bil…ser jeg en ung mand stå og læne sig op ad hækken. Han står og ser så frygtelig ensom ud..hænger med hovedet og tager sig til hovedet med lukkede øjne…og det ser ud som om at hans liv er i de to sølle plastikposer som står ved hans fødder…jeg bliver helt ked af det og kan ikke lade være med at tænke på…hvordan er du kommet hertil og endt på den måde? Har du nogen, der tager sig af dig…holder af dig? Får du noget at spise..har du et sted at sove? Puha…tænker jeg og får faktisk en følelse af hvor dumme mine tanker lige har været. Altså dem på kontoret…mit største problem denne dag var om mine ord var rigtigt sat sammen og uden stavefejl…mens jeg går forbi en mand som ser ud til at have betydeligt større problemer end jeg. Jeg kan tage min bil hjem…han har nok ikke noget hjem….så jeg fik lige en lille lærdom af taknemmelighed og ydmyghed med mig på vejen. Tak for det ❤️

Det eneste jeg faktisk ærger mig over er, at jeg burde have købt en kop kaffe og en sandwich til ham fra cafeen der var lige ved siden af…

Kærligst Pia